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Quick Hit Alert! From June L. Courteau - January 28, 2019
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Monitor Review Rulings:

When using the monitor for an unobserved foul, we are beginning to see a slight trend to rule that the reviewed contact was unnecessary when it really was just normal offensive or defensive movement and should have been ruled as incidental contact. Normal defensive or offensive movements ARE necessary to play the game and this type of contact must be judged to be incidental.  

When we rule that the contact is an Unsportsmanlike foul because it is unnecessary, needless, or uncalled for, we are saying that this contact is NOT normal defensive or offensive movements.

Please review the following:

Rule 10 / Fouls and Penalties:

Section 2. Incidental Contact. Articles 1-6

Section 13.Unsportsmanlike Fouls. Article 1.a-f

Appendix III, Section 4.Guidelines for Officiating Unsportsmanlike and Disqualifying Fouls

June L. Courteau
NCAA National Coordinator for Women's Basketball Officiating

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