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FAQ's about ArbiterSports for NAIA

FAQ's about ArbiterSports for NAIA

Thursday, September 10, 2015
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FAQ’S Arbiter Sports


The NAIA has initiated a registration process much like the NCAA started a few years ago.  We need to connect with NAIA officials are to be able to give them access to the latest material out there to help educate and train so that all officials nationally receive the same message. This will also help our evaluation process to help determine who may work the national tournaments.

1.      What happens to officials if they don’t register?

a.      Initially the official will be allowed to work the contest. The athletics director should remind the official of the new NAIA requirements and notify the conference commissioner, assignor, and the Director of Officiating Initiatives by email.

b.      Officials that do not register would not be eligible for consideration in the National Tournament.


2.      What does an NCAA official receive for their $50 fee to NAIA Central Hub, they do not already receive from NCAA and will it just be a repeat of the same information?

a.      The discounted rate for NCAA officials will allow them to view and access NAIA specific content on the NAIA Central Hub that we want all officials to know about when they work NAIA contests. Yes, in the sport of basketball the rules are the same but the NAIA wants all officials to understand the culture of the NAIA and what is expected from all parties.

b     The officials will also receive a card that will allow them to attend with a guest, any NAIA National Tournament contest.  Some schools may honor these for regular season but please check ahead of time if the school provides this.

c.       The NAIA site will have some different tests in addition to the NCAA site. (they will not retake the same test twice),  Certain tests will be mandatory such as the pre-season test we will also have some different videos including a mandatory pre-season video.

d.      There will be periodic bulletins throughout the season in addition to what the NCAA sends out. We will not try to change what the NCAA has to offer but just make sure officials know what is expected in the NAIA game

3.      How will I receive the $50 reduced fee as a dual NAIA/NCAA official?

a.      Be sure to complete your NCAA registration before you register at the NAIA Central Hub you will automatically be charged the reduced fee. Also be sure to use the same account/email address for both the NAIA and the NCAA registration.

4.     What if an official does not work many games in the NAIA

a.    We want all officials who work in the NAIA to get the same messate. This is very important to the consistency of the game.

b. For this season if an official only works one or two varsity games they will not be required to register.

5.      What about an NCAA D-1 official that only officiates one or two NAIA games? They have already paid a fee of $150

a.      If a NCAA D-1 official only officiates one or two games in the NAIA they will be granted an exemption for this year. However, if they want to be considered to officiate in the NAIA National Tournament they will need to register. (Please advise the NAIA Director of Officiating Initiatives if these officials are scheduled. We need to obtain data to see how often this occurs).

6.      If an official works both Men’s and Women’s Basketball, do they pay two registration fees?

a.      No, the official will register for one gender’s sport and once that is recorded they will be added to the other gender’s by the NAIA office

7.      If I work more than one sport will I have to pay multiple fees?

a.      Yes, if you work two different sports, you will be required to register for both sports and pay two registration fees. For 2014-15 if an official works both men and women, they need to register for one and they will be given access to the other if they contact the NAIA National Office.  Men’s and Women’s soccer (2015-16) follow the same set of rules, so official working both genders will pay only one fee.


8.      Is the NAIA test the same as the NCAA test and what if I do not pass?

a.      The tests are different and you will need to take both if you work NCAA and NAIA contests.

9.  Are conferences required to use Arbiter Sports for assigning officials?

a.      No. However NAIA conferences have the opportunity to partner with Arbiter Sports for assigning, evaluating, and paying officials.


10.  Where does the money go?

a.      The officials registration cost will help cover the following:

i.      NAIA website portal development on Arbiter Sports 

ii.      A dedicated staff member for officiating initiatives 

iii.      Annual stipend for national coordinators of official

iv.      An increase in the officials’ fees at national championships

  v.      Printing and shipping of rulebooks and the NAIA membership cards

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